Need to make a change?

No matter the type of change you need to make – there is always room for improvement.  Join us from May 18th – June 29th and start implementing some of those changes during our “Habit Overhaul.”  Small changes in different areas, can drastically improve your well-being.  We want to help you focus on your food, water intake, exercise routine, sleep habits, and gratefulness and see if being mindful of those items will help you toward your goals.  It will be $25/person to participate – with cash prize for the participants with the 3 highest scores.  Participants will get scores based on tracking their habits, participating in challenges, benchmark workout scores, etc.   Participants will also be on accountability teams that will help drive them to stay on track. 

During this time we will also offer a discounted use of the Inbody scanner – giving you more details on your results.  Scans will be BOGO at $40 to scan at the beginning and end of the challenge. 

If you are interested in participating, please sign up below and you will be contacted with more information. 

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